Our Clientele

We Should Be Your CPA - Reason:

You can enjoy what you want in life and feel totally comfortable that all of your financial and tax matters are taken care of in a prompt and professional manner.

We not only offer top quality professsional services, we provide and deliver these services to our clients in a very expeditious manner. All members of our professional team personally care about each client as if the services were being performed on their behalf. We have established 44 years of relationships with federal, state and local tax authorities, financial institutions, attorneys, brokerage firms, insurance brokers including a vast array of professional networks.  Historically, our clientele have come to expect excellence in services provided to them. We hope to have the opportunity to develop such a professional relationship with you so you can derive and obtain these same benefits.

Our typical clients
are businesses and individuals, who are seeking top quality professional services and will benefit from utilizing the services of our firm.  These businesses and individuals want prudent financial advice to establish and preserve their wealth.  A quality client is worth several years of revenue stream for both our client and our firm. We measure our mutual long term value to our clients in what financial savings they derive from our services net of our fees.